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We come even when no one else can!

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A inspirational thought from Luber!

Hello, Luber is softening our site to appeal to greater masses of people. So the verb-age has changed but the products remain. We are trying to bring a little bit of class and respect for ones intimate moments no matter how wild they may get. We strive to offer you a great service for a great price and hope you will continue to use our service for years to come because "we come even when when no one else can!"

Awesome service!

Was familiar with Luber™ and was extremely stoked to see that Luber has its own app! The app looks great and is very easy to use. And the quick service and friendly staff is on top of it!! Thank you Luber, for making my sex life a lot better!

Aaron Sanchez

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Luber - Small team. Big moments. A lifetime of happiness. We aren't your average store. People shop with us because they want a discrete extraordinary experience. Our clients are intensely busy professionals that depend on us to make their shopping process stress-free and to discover what will make their experience uniquely special. We make shopping and planning simple for our clients - and simple isn't easy.

Born at the intersection of clever and creative, Brilliant Retail Delivery Services harnesses the power of exploration to make your most important day less stressful and more beautiful. At our core, we are a culture of action and imagination and satisfaction. Shop the finest. Shop Luber!

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